31. We Buy ____ Houses

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We Buy “____” Houses

We buy ____ houses! Confused? You should be. This is a continuation of the other we buy houses franchises blog post. It saddens me to say that there are some ‘We buy “____” houses’ franchises are trying to suppress cash home buyers not affiliated with their company. It has become apparent that these franchises are spending large sums of money to gain a monopoly on the market. There is no limit to the extent they are willing to go.

Threatening legal letters with attempts to strip away our (the little guys) freedom of speech. Does this sound like a company that is ethical and you would trust selling your home too? I can answer that question for you.

The attempt of this post is not to talk bad about another companies or franchises. That is poor taste and unprofessional. The purpose of this post is to get out the truth, since homeowners have a right to know what is going on behind the scenes.

“We Buy Houses” Monopoly?

Imagine what it would be like to search GoogleWe Buy Houses NJ” and you’re limited to one company? That is exactly what this particular franchise is trying to accomplish. I have a problem with this, and you should too. This severely limits the options that homeowners who need to sell have. This is unacceptable and just morally wrong.

RESP is here to provide homeowners solutions that work for both parties, not a one sided transaction.  As a “we buy houses” company it’s not just about providing top level service to homeowners who need to sell their home.  It’s also about educating homeowners and providing them with as many options available.

Armed with the proper knowledge and resources, sellers can make a more informed decision when selling their home to a cash buyer. It’s our duty and obligation to ensure that you, the homeowner, are always made aware of the options you have available to you.  Sell your new jersey home quick, to an ethical and trusted company, contact us today via phone: 973-551-8210 or by our “we buy houses” online form.

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