57. Looking for Real Estate Solution Providers reviews?

Looking for Real Estate Solution Providers reviews? For starters you can view Google reviews here.

As a full service real estate company, we serve both buyers and sellers. Whether you have a home that you need to sell fast or you’re looking for your next investment property, Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP) can provide a one-stop-shop for your needs. Is RESP right for you? Can RESP help me out? Let’s take a look at some of the reviews so we can elaborate a little bit on each one.

Happy Seller #1

Caroline had a house in which she needed to sell quickly. Unfortunately there were 2 challenges we were faced with: 1) an abandoned underground oil tank and 2) a large tax lien on the property. We were able to work out a customized solution with Caroline to buy the property “AS IS” with the tax lien in place.

Happy Seller #2

Next, we look at Marvet’s situation. Marvet had a second house in central New Jersey that was rented out by a tenant. She lived out of state and ran into some unfortunate problems with her tenant. She also had a lien on her property from over 10 years ago, which presented us with a big challenge when trying to locate the current lien holder. Despite these challenges we were able to formulate a solution to proceed with the purchase of the property and free Margaret from her landlord headaches.

Happy Buyer

Now let’s switch gears and look at Jeff’s situation.  Jeff is a real estate investor who was looking to purchase some investment properties in NJ. We were able to provide Jeff a wholesale property that met his investment needs.

If you’re a seller that has a property in New Jersey in which you need to sell fast and you’re unsure if we can help, contact us today!  As you can see we work with a variety of situations and we would love to work with you to create a customized “win-win” solution.  We have solved problems which homeowner’s were previously told they were unsolvable.

If you’re an investor looking for your next property, we provide investment opportunities throughout New Jersey.  We also passive investment opportunities to anyone looking for a great return on their money both short term and long term.

As you can tell RESP values it’s reputation and the services we provide.  We want to add you to our testimonials page.  If you have some type of problem real estate in New Jersey that you would like to sell, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help.  If you’re an investor looking for your next project or even a non-investor looking for some investment opportunities, drop us a line to discuss your short term and long term investment needs.

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