65. We Buy Houses NJ – Sell Your NJ Home Fast!

We Buy Houses NJ – Sell Your NJ Home Fast!

How many times have you seen that message?  I’m willing to bet you’ve seen it on just about every cash home buyer web site you’ve come across.  “We Buy Houses NJ”, “We Buy New Jersey Houses”, “We Buy Houses New Jersey”…”Sell Your NJ Home” for cash!…the list goes on and on. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of all the the headaches you have to deal with when selling your home through the traditional avenues.

-Trying to find the right agent
-Dealing with finicky buyers
-Having your market on the home for months or even years

…then all the “fun” surprises just trying to get to the closing table.  It’s not a fun experience.  This even happens with the houses we fix up in brand new condition, we still encounter our fair share of issues so we know where you’re coming from.

Let’s dive in a little deeper into each of the items I listed below.  By the way, this doesn’t include dealing with contractors if you’re home needs repairs. We’ll save that for another post :).  Not all agents are created the same. Some agents are worth their weight in gold, while others…well, I’ll just leave it at that.  A good agent will price your property accurately. Market your home through all the appropriate channels . And drive traffic (prospective home buyers both online and offline) to your listed home.

Once you’ve accepted an offer on your home from a buyer, a contract is signed and a few things take place:

-The title company runs title to make sure the house can be sold with clear title (ie/no liens)
-A home inspector does an inspection to determine if there are any defects with the house
-An appraisal is ordered by the mortgage company to ensure the house is with what the bank is lending

If there are any issues with title, the homeowner will have to clear those up before selling the property.  Many times this means additional money must be paid by the seller.  If there are any issues with the house, the homeowner will typically be responsible to fix them.  If the house does not appraise for the contract price, the buyer will have to come up with the difference.

These are just a few of the moving parts that must happen prior to selling your home. This is assuming the listing agent does there job properly and sells it extremely fast.  As noted above, there are few exceptionally good agents out there. It’s not uncommon for sellers to use multiple agents when selling their home due to hiring the wrong person.  This increases costs to the homeowner by having to hold onto their home longer than necessary.

When issues pop up on title, these need to be paid off or negotiated down with the lien holder.  This process can be time consuming and many times additional money is needed.  This means less money in the sellers pocket or the buyer needs to come up with additional money.  Most buyers don’t have the extra money, nor do they want to over pay for a home.  This can lead to a cancelled contract and the process starts from the beginning.  Start looking for a new buyer….do they inspections etc etc.

If the house doesn’t appraise for the contract amount, you have two options: 1. the seller has to take less for their property or 2. the buyer has to come up with more money.  Both are painful situations and can lead to a dead deal.

We Buy Houses NJ buying process

So how does “We Buy Houses NJ” cash home buyers like Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP) come into play?  Well, you might be in a situation where you find yourself not wanting to go through the process I outlined above . Perhaps you’ve thought to yourself, maybe I should just sell my nj house quick.  I can sell it to RESP “AS IS”, I won’t have to make any repairs.  I won’t have to deal with any realtors. They are cash buyers so I won’t have to worry about an appraisal.  I’ll sell it at a small discount so they can handling everything, and make a little money for doing so. The house will be sold and my problem will be solved.

If this sounds like a possible option for you, we’d love to make you a fair cash off your on your property.  You can get the process started now by filling out our “we buy houses nj” form on our sell-now page.

Our process is extremely simple.  You can either fill out the we buy houses nj form or provide your information by telephone (local: 973-551-8210, Toll-free: 888-481-6810.

-Once we have a little information about your property we do a little research on our end
-If the property meets our buying criteria, we provide you with a no obligation fair cash offer
-We meet you, or a representative at the property, to verify the condition of the home and set a closing date

At the closing you receive your money and your now stress from from your problem property.

Have questions about our process? No problem, give us a call or contact us online.  We look forward to solving your real estate problem and providing you unparalleled service.  Just take a look at our testimonials page to see what our other happy sellers had to say about their experience with us.  We’re determined to provide you the same level of support and hope to add you to our list of happy sellers!

If you have a house in Morris County New Jersey that you’d like to sell, or even just thinking about selling…don’t hesitate.  Contact us today by filling out the simple “we buy houses new jersey” form to see what we could offer.  You have nothing to lose except for 30 seconds of our time!

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