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There are many types of homeowners who need to sell their home fast. Here’s a list of some of the most commons reasons why sellers need to sell quick:

If you’re interested in selling your home quick, it’s important to deal with a reputable buyer and not a fly by night company. With an outstanding reputation throughout New Jersey, we know that we can provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

Selling your home to us is a very simple process. We have done over 100 transactions since 2009 and continue to buy homes every week. Here’s how you can sell your home fast:

  • Call us at: 888-481-6810 or fill out the form on this page. Tell us as much information about your property and situation.
  • We setup a time to visit the property so we can provide you a fair, no obligation, cash offer. Sometimes we can provide you a preliminary offer right over the phone depending on the information we have available!
  • You can accept or reject our offer (no hard feelings).
  • If you accept our offer, we’ll set up a closing date that works for you. We can close in as little as 7 days, sometimes sooner. If you need more time, that’s ok too!

When selling your home, we will take a number of factors into consideration. Two of the main factors are the condition of the home and the value of the home once it is renovated. Once we determine the repairs that are needed and the resale value, we will provide you a cash offer. This offer is calculated by discounting the repairs and our profit margin from the estimated retail value of the home.

However, with an all cash offer you will enjoy the benefits of not making any repairs, dealing with mortgage approvals, paying realtor commissions or waiting months before your home is sold.

In addition to the factors listed abover, there are many variables to consider when buying your home. Here’s a list of items that must also be determined when formulating a cash offer for your home:

  • The current condition of your home
  • The repairs needed to get your home in marketable condition
  • The time line it will take to make those repairs
  • The value of your home once it is completely fixed up
  • The real estate commission required to resell your home
  • The holding costs (taxes, payments, insurance, utilities etc.) and closing costs from the time we buy your home until it’s sold or rented out
Fill out the form below and we’ll provide you a fair cash offer in 24 hours!

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