64. “Cash For Houses in New Jersey” Buyers – Who Can I Trust?


“Cash for Houses in New Jersey” Buyers – Who Can I Trust?

With all the Cash for Houses companies in New Jersey, it’s a common question to find yourself asking “Who can I trust?”  This is completely understandable. It’s a big decision to sell one of your most valuable assets, and you want to make sure you find the right buyer who you can count on. As I’m sure you can imagine, not all home buyers are the same and it’s very easy to come across some Cash for Houses companies who do not live up to their promises. The guide below was created to help you find the right Cash for Houses company in New Jersey to purchase your home. One that you can trust and feel confident they will perform.

Is the company faceless?

This is one key aspect might seem small and unimportant, however, it’s a crucial part of dealing with a legitimate Cash for Houses home buyer. Do they have a valid phone number or do you get forwarded to a Google voice message?  Is it clear who is running the web site?  Is it a valid company or some college kid living out of his mom’s basement claiming to buy houses for cash? Does someone answer the phone when you call? Is it clear who the company is on their outgoing message? Does someone call you back when you leave a voicemail?

These are many questions that should be easily answered by visiting the Cash for Houses companies web site and by calling their company phone number.  A reputable cash home buyer company should provide multiple (valid) forms of contact.  This includes, email address, phone number(s) and mailing address.  It should be obvious who they are, where they are located, and how they can be contacted.

Does the company feature legitimate testimonials?

Having a good web site is important for a first impression.  However, don’t be fooled by a just fancy looking website. Do your due diligence on the person or company who is offering to buy your New Jersey home for cash. Do they have actual testimonials?  Are these testimonials only from friends and family?  Can they actually buy your house in NJ for cash?  If so, they should be able to show you POF (proof of funds). *(Please note, not all proof of funds are the same. At RESP we’re happy to provide screenshots of actual bank accounts)*. Have they purchased other houses for cash? They should be able to show you closing documents for houses they purchased.

While it’s important to have professional looking website, it’s more important that the Cash for Houses company can show a proven track record of homes they’ve purchased. Do their testimonials reflect what they pitch?  Do you get a good feeling that they will pay you a fair price for your NJ home?

Do they look and sound like everyone else?

During your web searching for the right cash home buyer, have you noticed that many of the Cash for Houses companies websites look the same?  Do their websites look practically identical with just a logo and contact number change?  Do all the blog posts cover the same topics and use the same verbiage?  These pre built websites are no accident.  While they might be effective in ranking well on search engines, they are misleading to the seller (you) and give the false appearance of a someone or some company they are not. This is a telltale sign to be extremely cautious.

Consider the company bio

Where are they located?  Are they a true specialist in the area?  Have you spoken to anyone in the company? All these items will add up to the big picture to give you an idea of who you’re dealing with.  Are they reputable and can they be trusted with your most valuable asset?

These are just a few ways which you can use to separate many of the “Cash for Houses” and “We Buy Houses” in New Jersey” from those who really buy houses cash.  Although these are not the only things to consider, it will help separate many of the true NJ cash home buyers from the fly by nights, time wasters, or worse…scammers.

If you’re spending hours searching google for “Cash for Houses” or “sell my nj house fast” , please take a look through the rest of the pages on this web site. I also Invite you to check out our testimonials of homeowners who have sold us their home.  Please read through the reviews and what other happy sellers of New Jersey had to say.

Then ask yourself the question if you feel you our company is one you can trust.  I believe your answer will be YES! I would then like to invite you to contact us through the Sell My NJ House Fast form, or by calling us direct: 973-551-8210 with any further questions you have and/or to discuss your property and situation.  We’re standing by to help solve your real estate needs and provide you with a No Obligation cash offer. Contact us today to see why we are NJ’s #1 Most Trusted cash for houses in New Jersey company!


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