58. Dirty Little Secret in the We Buy Houses Industry

Hello homeowner! Thank you for stopping by.  I’ve been long overdue for a blog post and feel it’s more important than ever to share some information with sellers looking to sell their home for cash.  I’m going to share a dirty little secret with you that will probably get me some negative feedback by some of those in the industry, but I feel it is imperative for sellers, like you, to be aware of. 

Have you noticed “We buy houses cash” signs popping up all over your neighborhood?  Perhaps your Facebook page is flooded with “Sell your house for cash” advertisements or maybe you’re seeing “Cash Home Buyer” ads all over Google.  Well there’s a good reason for all of this.  With the improving real estate market over the past few years, there are “Get Rich Quick with Real Estate” programs/books/seminars being advertised all over the place.  Along with these get rich quick schemes, there are many tools and services offered to help real estate investors setup and systemize their business with a few clicks of a button. So what’s the dirty little secret?  Keep reading…

Some of the tools available on the market are double edged sword.  One in particular is Investor Carrot.  Investor carrot can be a great resource for real estate cash home buyers looking to setup a website very quickly, and with little or no knowledge about building web sites.  What makes Investor Carrot so attractive is that a user can setup a clean professional website in a matter of minutes.  What makes it even more appealing is these web sites tend to rank very well on search engines like Google. 

So what’s the problem?  Well let me paint a quick picture for you.  Let’s say someone attends one of these 3-day real estate seminars of how to “get rich”.  As part of his/her new business venture, it’s suggested they setup a website.  This aspiring cash home buyer signs up for Investor Carrot’s service and utilizes one of their preconfigured templates.  A few weeks (or months) later, you (the seller) decide to search Google for phrases like “sell my nj house fast” or “buy my house nj for house cash”.  You click on a few links and one in particular happens to be our new and aspiring cash home buyer.  The site looks professional and thanks to the preconfigured template, the web page gives the appearance of a well-established company that has been buying houses cash for many years.  As an honest seller, you reach out to them and possibly enter into a contract of sale for your home trusting they will do as they claim “buy your house for cash, in as is condition, on your timeline”.  Unbeknownst to you, you have trusted one of your most valuable assets in the hands of someone who has only a 3-days’ worth of knowledge or training with 0 experience and just a fancy web site.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many of the “we buy houses” web sites that you come across on the internet.  Sure there are legitimate one’s but there are enough of these fly by nights where homeowners should definitely be aware and cautious of.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on how to separate the true cash buyers from those mentioned above.

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