19. We Buy Houses Scams

We Buy Houses Scams.  Yes that’s right, they are out there in full force. The question is should you be concerned?  How can you tell who is legitimate and who isn’t?

With all these get rich quick advertisements on the radio these days and late night infomercials trying to sell their product of how to make a million dollars overnight, it’s easy to see why there are so many people trying to enter into the real estate business lately.  Technology makes it easier than ever for a nontechnical person to creative a fancy looking web site in a matter of minutes. Couple that with cheap costing domain names and it’s pretty simple to give the impression of a large “we buy houses” company in only a few hours time.

Unfortunately just like those Nigerian Craigslist scams, there also scam artists in real estate.  If you take a few proactive measures, you can greatly decrease the possibility of becoming a victim.

So, you have a house that you need to sell fast?  You begin your search by emailing or calling the we buy houses nj companies that you found through search engines or web site business directories.  The web site looks professional but are they really legit? Here’s some quick guidelines to help assist you when choosing the right we buy houses company, and most of which can be done through your computer.

1. Start off by doing a simple Google search regarding the company name.

-Do you see a lot of information regarding this company?  Do they have a long track record of being established for a few years or does nothing come up?  Are there any complaints made about the company?

2. Check to see if the actual names of company members.  If they are not provided, this might be a bad thing.  If you found one or more, use Google to see what comes up.

-Does this person have a big involvement with real estate or does it seem like they picked this up a week ago?  Are they well established and have good withstanding amongst other real estate companies and professionals?

3. Do they have any testimonials on their web site?

-A reputable company should have a good amount of testimonials from satisfied sellers who sold there house fast.

4. Do they have multiple methods of contact?

-Just an web form or email isn’t a good sign.  You want multiple methods of contact (email, phone, fax, address).

5. How many houses have they purchased in the past year? month? week?

-This can give you valuable insight as to their level of experience and if it’s a true business, not a hobby.

Using these few steps you can weed out most of the fly by night companies.  If you’re looking for a reputable we buy houses company, please consider Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP). RESP was started by Ryan Paliukaitis in 2009.  Since 2009, Ryan has helped hundreds of homeowners and continues to create win win solutions for residents throughout New Jersey on a daily basis.  Sell your nj home fast and avoid any concerns about falling victim to any We Buy Houses scams with Ryan and his team.  You can contact us today via email, our sell now web form, or by calling: (local: 973-551-8210,  toll free: 888-481-6810)

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