46. Should I repair my home?


Should I repair my home or sell it as is?

Getting ready to sell your home?  Facing the decision of whether or not you should make the repairs yourself, have someone make the repairs or just sell your home AS IS?  There are many factors involved when considering this type of situation.  Here are just a few:
Do you need to sell fast?
Do you have the funds to make the repairs?
Do you have the time & experience to make the repairs?
Answering these questions can help lead you to the best option available to you.  If you don’t need to sell your home fast, it might be worthwhile to make the repairs and then sell your home on the open market.  If you have the funds available, and it makes sense to rehab the house (ie/ you’ll get that money back), it might be a better option hire a contractor/handyman and sell for market value. If you have the expertise and time to make the repairs yourself, it can help save you some money, as well as, get a hire price for your home.

Other questions to consider if I should repair my home or not

On the other hand, if you:
Don’t have the time to wait to sell your home
Don’t have the money to make the repairs
Don’t have the time or expertise
You might want to consider one of the alternatives. A cash home buyer might provide you the solution you’re looking for.  When selling to a cash buyer, you won’t have make any repairs whatsoever. You’ll sell your home fast (in days not months) and you don’t have to worry if you will get the money back that would have been invested in the repairs.
If you are in need of selling your home fast and asking yourself “should I repair my home?”, give us a call at 973-551-8210 or fill out the short form at www.ryanpal.com/sell-now/.  We’ll buy your house cash without you making any repairs.

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