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Edit: 11/28/20

At one point RESP, was in the business of Mortgage Assignments and Subject To’s.  Due to the complexity nature of these transactions, we can no longer offer these options.  Fortunately however, we are able to offer another, more popular, alternate option called a Short Sale.  A short sale is typically a better option than letting your home go into Foreclosure.

Having dealt with countless short sales throughout New Jersey during the real estate market crash of 2007, we understand the short sale process thoroughly.  Although short sales have become a common house hold term many Realtors and Agents don’t understand the process fully.

Getting stuck with the wrong Agent can be costly.  When you’re in foreclosure, time is not on your side.  Get the right help from the beginning. The good news is, it doesn’t cost you a penny.  Quick Tip* – If you encounter a company or person who’s requiring up front money to handle the short sale process, proceed with caution.  There are many scams out there which take up front money and never do anything with your file.

Unsure if a short sale is right for you? Give us a call. We’ll go over all your options and explain the pros and cons of a short sale. We’ll discuss the short sale process and what to expect.  There’s no obligation but don’t waste valuable time, the clock is ticking and you have the ability to stop Foreclosure dead in its tracks if you act soon.

Email ryan@ryanpal.com, call: 973-551-8210, or just fill out the form on our Short Sale Help page


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While there are many sellers I deal with on a daily basis have equity, there are just as many who do not.  Some have little equity, some have no equity, and some even have negative equity.  The good news is, we can still buy the home in every one of these situations.  For homes that aren’t too far underwater, we can purchase the home in a variety of ways.  Unbeknownst to many realtors or other investors, there are many alternatives to a short saleTaking over payments, lease options (rent to own), and installment sales are just to name a few.  We work with sellers closely to determine what option is best for them.


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