32. Sell Your New Jersey House Quick

sell your new jersey home quick

Sell Your New Jersey House Quick

There’s a few ways to “sell your new jersey house quick”.  If you’ve read through previous posts, you probably already know most of them.  If not, I can save you some time by going over a few below.

In order to sell your house quick, you must first identify your buyer.  Does your home need repairs?  Can you sell to a mortgage buyer or do you need to sell to a cash buyer?  How quickly do you need to sell?  These are important questions that need to be answered in order to determine how you will sell your home.

If your house needs work, it might not be mortgageable.  What does this mean? It means that you’re limited to cash buyers only.  How quickly do you need to sell? If you need to sell in less than 30 days, you will also most likely need to sell to a cash home buyer. This is because most mortgages take 30 days (minimum) to approve the home buyer.  If your home does not need many repairs (it is mortgageable) and you don’t need to sell quick, then you’re not limited to just cash buyers.

Should I list with a Realtor?

Another thing to consider is to use an agent or not.  This varies based on a few factors.  A big one is paying a commission.  Some homeowners simply do not want to pay 6% to sell their home.  Whether it’s worth the cost or not, and if a seller can sell their home on their own is another debate.  The other is the timeline in which it will take to sell.  Since all agents are not the same, it’s imperative to have the right agent for your house.  A top selling agent who’s clientele is mostly retail buyers, might not have a clue (nor the clientele) of how to properly sell a fixer upper.

So, these are some of the basic things to consider when looking to sell your home quick. If you have a house that needs repairs or a house that you need to sell quick, why not give us a call?  We are cash home buyers looking to pay you fair price for your home without having to pay a commission.  You call us directly at: 973-551-8210 or by filling out our online form “sell our new jersey home quick” to receive a fair cash offer in 24 hours or less!

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