42. Sell My Home To An Investor

Should I “Sell My Home to An Investor?”

Selling your home can be stressful and challenging.  Depending on your situation, finding the right buyer might be a major undertaking.  Have you found yourself wondering should I “sell my home to an investor”?
By textbook definition my partners and I are considered real estate investors, however, I think that might a negative stigma associated with it.  Due to some unscrupulous real estate investors, the media has portrayed all real estate investors as greedy and slimy.  While there are definitely some individuals who fit this boat, we are saddened to be lumped into the same category as these companies or “shiesty” individuals.  As a matter of fact, we don’t consider ourselves as investors. We (and our happy sellers) view ourselves as real estate problem solvers.
Why you ask?  The answer is simple.  We don’t just “Buy New Jersey Houses”.  We make an impact on peoples lives. It’s not just about buying a house fast, or buying a home that needs repairs.  It’s about listening to the homeowners situation and problems they are facing.  It’s about coming up with a customized solution for sellers who need to sell their home fast who might be facing one of the many possible situations.
Having dealt with hundreds of homeowners throughout New Jersey over the years, we know there’s no cookie cutter solution to buying houses from sellers like you. That’s like going to McDonald’s and only being able to buy one type of hamburger.  Don’t fall victim to being offered one solution for your needs.  Allow us the opportunity to talk with you and provide a customized solution that meets YOUR needs.
Simply fill out our sell my home now to an investor form or call us directly at: 973-551-8210.  You can also call our toll free number: 888-481-6810. We look forward to hearing from you and buying your New Jersey home today.

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