38. Sell My Home for Top Dollar


Sell My Home for Top Dollar

We understand some home owners may not “need” to sell their home. While many of our happy sellers are in situations where they need to sell their home fast for cash, we also buy houses from New Jersey home owners who would want top dollar for their property and are willing to sell their home creatively.

What exactly does this mean?

To elaborate further, it’s best to give an example below:

-A landlord owns a house that’s paid off and has been collecting rent for many years.
-The landlord likes the monthly income but is approaching retirement age and doesn’t particularly like fixing toilets at 3am
-The landlord isn’t crazy about partnering with Uncle Sam on the sale of their home

Sound familiar? Have a similar situation?

The good news is we have a perfect option for you. What if we could buy your home in a way where you still collected monthly income but didn’t have the Landlord responsibilities. What if we could buy your home where you received tax benefits*? This might sound too good to be true but it’s not and there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of this type of purchase before. This is commonly referred to as “owner financing” or “seller financing”.

Instead of paying all cash for your home, we pay you (the seller) payments over time. Many sellers see the benefits of such a sale. Receiving top dollar for your property and tax advantages are just some of the benefits. Some homeowners particularly like this route as a means of retirement income or a way to pass wealth to their heirs. Many parents fear their children might spend their inheritance money irresponsibly once they pass on. This is a great way to pass their legacy to their children with worry about foolish spending.

Do you have a home in NJ that falls into type of situation? Would you like to hear more about selling your home in this fashion? Email us through out sell my home for top dollar form or call us directly: 973-551-8210

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