43. High New Jersey Taxes – Are you paying taxes on that vacant home?


Fourth quarter taxes just passed and for just about everyone,  it’s not a fun time of the year.  Like most New Jersey homeowner’s, it hurts to write a check for the high property taxes that NJ commands.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the state of New Jersey and I feel very lucky to have been raised in this great state.  NJ is the garden state with a lot to offer.  It’s close proximity to NYC and miles of shoreline beaches along the coast makes it attractive to many people throughout the world.  Unfortunately this comes with a cost.

According to this article by The Fiscal Times , New Jersey is #1 in the country for paying the highest property taxes.  This alone will drive many residences to leave the state.  Throw pension and social security cuts into the mix, and it can make it nearly impossible for many people to retire here.  This topic is best left for another blog post, but it leads me to another group of individuals.

Surprisingly there are many people who own second homes than I once thought.  Perhaps these homes were purchased in preparation to building extra wealth, maybe they were bought during the real estate boom, or perhaps these were inherited properties; whatever the reason, there seems to be a trending problem.  Many of these second homes, are sitting vacant.  To make matters worse, these homes that are sitting unoccupied are costing homeowners a lot of money in holding costs.  The property taxes alone can be enough to make these “assets” a liability.

Is this you?  Are you paying money on a vacant home in New Jersey? If so, I can feel your pain.  As a homeowner who owns rental property, I know the struggle when you have a house sitting vacant with no income and then you get whacked with quarterly taxes.  If you’re tired of paying New Jersey’s taxes (ok that’s pretty much everyone, let me be more specific), if you’re tired of paying NJ’s taxes on a vacant home, put an end to the bleeding and sell your home for cash.

You can sell your home to us without making any repairs.  We’ll buy it in it’s current condition and will extremely fast.  Have you fallen behind on taxes already?  No problem, we can still buy your home.  Contact us today and get money in your pocket before the holidays.  Don’t give the Uncle Sam anymore of your hard earned money and get the cash you deserve.

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