25. Get Rid of House Quick

“Get rid of house quick” –

was the response I received from a local traveler at the restaurant while waiting in the airport of Atlantic City.  “I would list my house with a realtor, why would I sell to you?” was a response of another traveler sitting to the left of me. These are the responses of two New Jersey homeowners ranging from 50-60 years old.

The conversation started with a new jersey homeowner talking about his job as a consultant for a large firm who services non performing mortgages and deals with homeowners who are facing foreclosure.  After discussing various aspects of the current real estate market and what I do (buy houses for cash to help homeowners who need to “get rid of house quick“), I sprung the question:

“If you inherited a home that was out of state, needed repairs, and didn’t want to list with an agent to wait months for the property to sell, what would you search for in Google if you needed a quick solution to sell your home fast?”

Traveler A said “get rid of house quick”, which is close to a commonly searched phrase on Google “sell home quick”. Fast forward a half hour later and I asked the same question to Traveler B and Traveler C (his friend).

Their responses were quite different. When asked the same question, they responded with “sell my house with a realtor in new jersey” and followed up with a question for me. “Why would I sell to someone like you?” This was a very interesting reply and one in which I was originally puzzled.

Homeowners (with equity) who need to sell fast

These homeowners have never been in a situation where they needed to sell a home fast, therefore it was tough for them to imagine going an alternative route other than listing with an agent. Upon further discussion, I was challenged with questions like:

“How many houses have you bought?”, and “How many homeowners in New Jersey, with equity, need to sell their home?”.

After I replied with my company statistics for the passed few years, it dawned on me that because these homeowners were never in a situation where they needed to sell their home fast.  Apparently they thought that homeowners with equity would never be in a situation where they need to sell their home quick.

This was a very interesting experience. Although myself and other people can speculate what goes on inside the minds of homeowners who would like to “get rid of a house quick”, we aren’t in their shoes, therefore we can only attempt to understand.

Selling my NJ home Quick

Having helped hundreds of homeowners who needed to sell their New Jersey home quickly, it’s obviously difficult to get a full understanding of what it means to really need to sell a home fast. Until we are actually in that situation, we can only empathize with their situation and do the best we can to provide solutions to solve the homeowners house problem.

As a new jersey cash home buyer, it’s my job to understand why homeowners need to sell their home quick. Although I have not been in such a situation, I have had the opportunity to witness and help many homeowners who have been (from New Jersey to Miami, I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners just like you).

More importantly it’s my job not to question why, but to provide a win win solution that solves their needs. Are you facing a situation where you need “get rid of house quick”? Let me and my team assist. We buy houses throughout New Jersey and would like to buy the house you need to sell quick. Contact us via our sell fast web form or by phone: 973-551-8210. We look forward to taking care of your problem property.

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