44. We Don’t Just Buy Houses, We Impact Lives


You may have come across other companies like Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP) that offer to buy your home cash.  As a matter of fact, many of these other companies will probably give a the same price for your home.  So what separates us from them?

That’s a great question, so let me share a quick story with you that involves a situation where I didn’t even buy the house, but the words from the homeowner still resonate with me until this day.  Sometime in 2008, I was speaking with a homeowner who was facing foreclosure.  I spoke with her many times throughout the process, and in the end she was able to save her home from foreclosure.

Although I never bought her home, during our last conversation she said to me “Thank you so much Ryan.  I really can’t thank you enough.  Just hearing your voice was a godsend“.  Wow! I thought to myself.  I was blown away by what this lady had told me.  It truly was the most rewarding thing I’ve heard in years. At that time I was working for a VOIP company called Net2Phone, and was working in real estate part time.  I believe this was an “ah hah” moment for me and a true eye opener.  Although I loved my job, real estate was my true passion, and having this strong of an impact on someone’s life was just an incredible feeling.

Since this time I have made it a company policy of RESP, to go above and beyond.  It’s not just about buying someone’s home; it’s about making a true impact in their life.  When you speak to me or one of my associates, we aim to learn about your situation and what would provide a true solution for your house problem.  We understand everyone’s situation is unique, so we do not offer a “cookie cutter” solution.  We work with you one on one and strive to provide multiple options, not just a cash offer with a “take it or leave” it attitude.

Take a look at our testimonials page, we are happy to have an impact on these homeowners lives.  Unfortunately it’s not enough. We want to add you to that page as well.  Contact us today…or call the other  “we buy new jersey houses” companies first, and then call us. We’re confident we’ll exceed your expectations and look forward to helping you with your problem home.

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