17. Beware of those corporate giant cash home buying companies

Hello and welcome fellow homeowner! This isn’t your typical blog post about selling your nj home fast or avoiding foreclosure. This post is to inform you of what’s going on in the cash home buyers industry and how it affects you (the seller). Read further to find out the problem with these corporate giant cash home buying companies.

There’s a few large companies out there that are trying to monopolize the market. You may recognize some of these home buyers from their billboards or “unique” looking mascots.

So why should you, the homeowner, be concerned? Simple, these companies want to eliminate any other companies like Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP) from ever having the ability to offer their services to you. One company in particular, sends out threatening letters with unconstitutional and unethical demands trying to censor blog posts like the one you’re currently reading.

To make matters worse they try to bully these smaller companies into signing legal documents agreeing to terms that prohibit them from certain marketing or advertising that goes beyond any trademark rights or privileges.

These are attempts to make it nearly impossible for homeowners to find other cash home buying companies, beside these corporate giants, when searching Google or other search engines. By strong arming their competitors into borderline illegal requests, sellers like yourself, never know about the other cash home buying companies. This results in a complete monopolization and gives homeowners limited options.

When homeowners don’t know about other companies, they are limited to what these unethical companies will pay them for their home. In turn, you typically receive a lower offer than you might have received otherwise.

We’re here to fight back and give homeowners what they deserve.  We work hard every day to make sure you have the most available options to you and aren’t taken advantage of.  Contact us today for a fair cash offer on your home.  As always, there’s no obligation and we’ll work with you closely to make sure the entire process is smooth and stress free for you.

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