69. Unsure of where to start or if you should sell your house now?

Should I sell my house now
It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be confused or overwhelmed with the thought of selling their home. This is especially true when considering selling for cash (ie/ not the “traditional” route).

Many questions such as:

1. Should I list my home or sell AS IS for cash?

This really depends on a variety of factors. Listing your home with a realtor might be a good situation for you if your house needs little to no repairs OR you don’t mind addressing those repairs if they come up as a concern from a potential buyer.

It might also be a good option if you don’t need to sell your home fast.

On the other hand, if you’d rather not deal with picky home buyers, making repairs and/or dealing with contractors, paying realtor commissions etc. Selling your home AS IS for cash, might be a better option.

2. How does the process if I want to sell my New Jersey home to you guys?

The process is quite simple actually. You can call fill out the short form on our Sell Now page (https://ryanpal.com/sell-now/) and provide us with some basic information about the property. We’ll call you back to setup an appointment or to gather any other necessary information. *With the concern of Covid-19 we can even work with you to setup a virtual tour of the home, or in some cases have you provide some interior pictures if you prefer no contact*

If the property is of interest and meets our buying criteria, we provide you with a No Obligation cash offer, typically within 24 hours. If the offer is accepted, we schedule a closing date (typically 2 weeks unless you need more time) and handle all the necessary paperwork. *Many times the seller doesn’t have to attend the closing so if you prefer that option, we can arrange for a remote closing.*

3. Will I be paid a fair price for my property?
RESP is very competitive in our ALL CASH “AS IS” offers. When making an offer on your property, we take into consideration the current market, the condition of the property, and your current situation.

We believe in going beyond making a cash offer to our happy sellers. Many times, selling your home is only one small piece of the puzzle. Many pictures in our photo gallery are moving trucks and cleanouts done for homeowners as part of the sale. We understand every homeowners situation is unique and strive to to be a true solution provider, not just a new jersey cash home buyer.

4. How do I know I can trust the company?

Google’s testimonials / reviews can also be a helpful guide to determine if you’re dealing with company you can trust. We’ve also written some blog posts on this very subject which can be found here: https://ryanpal.com/we-buy-houses-scams/ & https://ryanpal.com/cash-for-houses-in-new-jersey-buyers-who-can-i-trust/

For more information of how we can be of assistance to buy your home FAST, please fill out the Sell Now form or call us direct: 973-551-8210. We look forward to serving you!

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