3. Selling a Home As Is

Selling a Home As Is?

What does it mean when a homeowner decides on selling a home as is?  Do I have to make any repairs?  What is included and what is excluded from the sale?

The questions above are from a local seller here in Rockaway New Jersey.  Selling a home as is might make sense for some, but not every homeowner.  Let’s dive in to see what it means to Sell a Home AS IS.

Many of the homes I evaluate each day are in need of major repairs.  Unfortunately most of these sellers don’t have the financial capabilities of making the repairs themselves nor the resources .  This is where we come in. We are your perfect solution when selling a home As Is, for cash in New Jersey.

We buy New Jersey houses in any condition or situation.  We buy homes cash.   That means you don’t have to make any repairs….period!  You don’t even have to broom sweep the place.  We make the home selling process extremely easy.  We’ll purchase your home in it’s “as is” condition and put cash in your pocket in a matter of days, not months.

Simply take any items you want (if there are any), and leave the rest to us.  Yes, that means you can leave whatever is not coming with you (furniture, beds, old clothes, anything).  Ok, ok, your kids or mother-in-law can’t be left behind, but you can leave any non-living thing behind that you wish 😜

Selling a home AS IS in New Jersey has never been easier.  With a few clicks of a mouse you can receive a no obligation cash offer.  That’s right, it really is as simple as a few mouse clicks on your computer.  Don’t wait any longer, contact us today to sell  your home stress free!

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