2. Rent to Own NJ (Lease Option/Lease Purchase) Option for Sellers with Little or No Equity

Sure we buy houses cash and we even buy houses with negative equity via short sales.  But what about those other homeowners with little or no equity?  Well the good news is, we can buy those types of houses too.  We just launched our Rent to Own NJ program which is available to homeowners throughout New Jersey.  This program is two fold and helps both sellers and buyers.  When sellers have little or no equity, they are faced with a few possibilities.  Typically these include, bankruptcy, foreclosure, a short sale, or coming to the closing with cash.

With Lease Options / Lease Purchases (aka Rent to Own) we can provide an alternate solution that gives homeowners top dollar for their property.  At the same time, we allow a tenant-buyer the ability to purchase a home they wouldn’t be able to do so traditionally.

Update (4/7/19): We no longer offer a rent to own (tenant buyer) program, however, we still purchase homes creatively and can work closing with you to determine a win win solution for all parties.

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